As a private Portuguese association, we are an intermediary between our national and international investors and the Portuguese stakeholders.

We attract national and international investors who want to be informed about new business opportunities and be assisted with their investments.

National and international investors can expect continuous assistance during the whole process. We identify ourselves the most with investors belonging to the Portuguese diaspora i.e., investors that originate in and have a feeling of belonging to Portugal. Investors from other backgrounds are more than welcome too.

We intent to transform the central region of Portugal into an investment area by identifying the unique investment opportunities in any kind of industries that the central region of Portugal offers. Accordingly, we aim to strengthen regional business of the central region of Portugal and Portugal’s economic growth. We achieve this by acting trustworthy, having integrity, promising security and paying attention to our client.

Our diverse and professional team assists with high-valued expertise in all kinds of investments. Besides caring the most about the success of our client’s investment, we respect our regional communities. Thus, we collaborate and support other regional development organizations and local authorities.


Our aim is to be the preferred investment association for national and international investors, especially of the Portuguese diaspora.


We want to attract national investment and foreign direct investment, especially of the Portuguese diaspora to conduct regional business and to strengthen Portugal’s economic development.


  • support national and international investors, with a special focus on the Portuguese diaspora
  • provide and organize sectorial, cultural and organizational information of the region
  • collaborate with and support other regional development organizations and local authorities
  • raise awareness for the creation of a local business environment which favours the attraction, and which drives the constitution, installation and development of new investments in the central region of Portugal.



As stated in our name, you can trust us with our approach to assist you with your investment.


Our collaboration with you is transparent.

Promise for security

We act as if your investment was ours.

Attention to the client 

We focus on the real needs of your investment.

We want to make it easier
for investors and growing companies
to operate in the central region of Portugal.

TIPA - trust invest portuguese agency
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