We want to make it easier
for investors and growing companies
to operate in the central region of Portugal.

We operate in the central region of Portugal

Our team


To make sure that all the financial transactions are recorded, our associate takes care of your investment.

Arquitecture and urban planning

Our arquitect plans your investment fulfilling your desires and ensuring that all activities are in accordance with the law.

Consultancy and Business Development

In case you need consultancy in establishing or developing your project, our associate has numerous years of experience and gives you the best advice for your success.


Our designer provides assistance with their expertise in graphic design and communication strategy for your projects.


We collaborate with startup Leiria which amongst others promotes social innovation. Our associate has access to a wide network which may be useful for your investment. Moreover, our associate possesses excellent knowledge in the area of Entrepreneurship favouring your project.

Environment and Licensing

To ensure that all the activities related to the environment and licensing are solved properly, our associate applies their unique expertise.

Involvement with Local Authorities and Associations

Our associate introduces you to essential local partners to support the success of your investment in the central region of Portugal.

Juridical Advisory Services

We collaborate with one of the best lawyers in the region called Teófilo Araújo dos Santos Advogados. In case of any legal activity, our associate makes sure that all the legal processes are followed and your project is favoured.

Marketing and Communication

Our associate assists with an integrated marketing project, where all components are interconnected. It has an emphasis on differentiating strategies dedicated to the local and global market.

Project manager

Our project manager personally assists you with your investment from the scratch until the end according to our principles: being trustworthy, having integrity, promising security and paying attention to you.

Real Estate

In case a real estate agent is needed for the realisation of your project, our associate finds the best offers.

Social support to the community

-As stated in our objectives we want to collaborate with and support other organizations and local authorities that take an active part in regional development. Therefore, our associate which is in charge of the social support is the bridge between TIPA and the local community.

We want to make it easier
for investors and growing companies
to operate in the central region of Portugal.

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